Working with eco-efficiency means combining environmental responsibility with market intelligence.

Developing products that add benefits to the quality of life of the user, while respecting and optimizing the use of natural resources to keep them in balance within our environment.


Responsible extraction and in accordance with the environmental legislation.

The plants in Campo Largo and São Mateus have been strategically located in regions that can count on an abundance of raw materials and, at the same time, have easy access to a highway network that connects their products to large distribution centers throughout the country.

The location brought an economic and environmental convenience, considering that 63% of the raw material of our products are obtained in Paraná, encouraging the local economy.

We have internal policies to reuse raw materials or minimize waste during our production process, relying on 11% recycled raw materials.

In the conventional line that we operate in São Mateus do Sul, we reuse all the flocculated mass that is taken with the water to our treatment plant. This mass returns to the process in its entirety, optimizing the use and value of the extracted raw material.

In the continuous line at Campo Largo, we have a modern system that uses less raw material in the production of the ceramic pieces with reduced thickness, besides the laser printing that uses a minimum amount of ink for an impressive quality result.