Marble for millennia has been the object of desire in architecture for its timeless aesthetics and diversity of patterns. With a careful selection of rocks originating from deposits around the world Roca expands its collection of exotic marbles. The series was inspired by the texture of Italian marble Breccia Capraia, extracted from the Apuan Alps in northern Tuscany. The unique shades and with strong personality give sophistication and the white background transceioned by shafts that branch all over the surface, the shades vary from dorosa cyclamen to deep purple, with exclusividade.Com slight touch of gold, gray, green and blue. With a high investment in technology porcelain tiles achieve amazing shapes and faithfully reproduce marbles, with all the nuances of color, shafts and textures, as well as superior performance when compared to natural stone. A proposal that combines beauty, technology and sustainability that value projects, making them unique and unmistakable.