Technical Guidelines

ROCA Warranty Term

All Roca products are manufactured to comply with NBR 13818 standards. In this way, it guarantees quality “A” products, top quality, against manufacturing defects, when the required standards for its application and the correct specification according to the environment (see Indicative PEI tables of areas of use for floors in the product packaging) are meet.

The warranty of the products should be required by presenting the receipt of the purchased product and the packaging identifying its name and class. We do not guarantee quality of the labor or materials used for its application such as settling mortar and grout.

Excluded from the Warranty

  • The warranty excludes transport, freight, insurance costs, constituting such items, responsibility and liability of the consumer;
  • Damage caused by improper handling, incorrect installation and specification errors, not complying the recommendations of NBR 13818;
  • Scratches in gloss products, launches, since, by intrinsic nature, ceramic materials are susceptible to these types of aggressions (scratches and impacts);
  • Sand causes scratches in any type of coating, for this reason, ceramic coatings have no warranty against scratches, especially those with gloss surface.

NOTE: Observing the rules of installation, being careful in the execution and protecting the product against scratches and impacts during the work phase, as well as during final cleaning, are responsibilities of the contractor. Damages caused by these factors are not covered.

Improper cleaning products may attack the surface of ceramic products. Observe carefully the instructions contained in the packaging as there is no warranty in case of using incorrect cleaning products.

Warranty Invalidity

A garantia fica automaticamente inválida se:

  • The product purchase receipt is not presented;
  • The product is not installed in accordance with NBR 13818 standards;
  • The product suffers any damage by accident (breakage), or agent of nature (lightning, flood, sea air, etc.).


If your product is defective, please inform the ROCA Technical Service immediately by calling +55 (041) 2105-2500, or by e-mail, but do this before installing the pieces.

“An installed product is an accepted product”.

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