Working with eco-efficiency means combining environmental responsibility with market intelligence.

Developing products that add benefits to the quality of life of the user, while respecting and optimizing the use of natural resources to keep them in balance within our environment.


Within our production processes we seek to optimize the energy used, opting whenever possible for energy from clean sources. In a few processes we still use fossil sources due to their high calorific potential that allows us to produce more, with fewer natural resources being employed.

79% of the energy used in production comes from clean energy sources;

The ovens and dryers operate 100% with natural gas;

Within our operating units, the process of replacing conventional mercury lamps with LED lamps is in place and we hope soon to complete this standardization. This not only helps the environment, since LED lamps have a higher efficiency, but also brings comfort to employees, since they dissipate much less heat compared to traditional lamps, thus generating greater thermal comfort.