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Founded in 1917, in the city of Gavà-Spain, by the Roca brothers, the company Roca Radiators S.A., was initially dedicated to the production of cast iron. The rapid dominance of this market and the desire for expansion were the incentive to expand and develop new products.

1925, with the first cast iron tubs and 1936, with the launch of the sanitary wares, represent the entrance of the Roca Group in the bathroom products market. In 1980 the Roca Group starts the production of ceramic coatings and, in 1999, it enters definitely into the Brazilian market of sanitary ware and coatings, with the acquisition of the Incepa and Celite brands.

The search for diversification led it to other segments, which today include the manufacture of ceramic coatings, sanitary ware and metals for kitchens and bathrooms. It currently is the largest manufacturer of sanitary ware and is among the top ten manufacturers of ceramic coatings in the world.

And today, with more than a century of history, Roca is synonymous of confidence and trust.

Roca ceramics are developed within a global product concept, with the same standards of quality and high precision in all its manufacturing units in the world.
Roca Cerámica


Spanish group with 90 years of tradition, Roca is world leader in bathroom products, with factories in 4 continents and commercial presence in 80 countries. It operates in two business units: ceramic coatings and sanitary wares and metals. The global presence allows Roca to be permanently connected to world trends and to different lifestyles. More than solutions, Roca offers boldness, broadening the creative capacity of compositions, expressing the personality of each project.

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